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May 31st ‑ June 1st, 2019

St Petersburg, Russia

Crypto World Cup

About Event

Get ready for 2 days of talking blockchain and crypto in St Petersburg, Russia at our Crypto World Cup. This will be a huge event packed with some of the most prominent movers and shakers within the blockchain space. We will have speeches from keynotes, panel discussions, ICO pitches and an award ceremony for the best project. On the second day you will have the chance to enjoy a crypto rock concert where attendees can purchase tickets in a blockchain auction with the use of smart contracts.


May 31st  [Day 1]
12:00 PM
Registration and Networking Coffee

Main stage
14:00 PM
Welcome Address
14:05 PM
Keynote from TOP speaker 1
14:45 PM
Panel discussion «The Post-ICO Future of Blockchain Investments»
15:30 PM
Fireside Chat / Debate
16:05 PM
Fireside chat or Debate «Fiat vs Crypto»
16:45 PM
Keynote from TOP speaker 2
17:30 PM
Panel discussion «Blockchain and GovTech: synergy effect»
19:00 PM
Closing remarks for the Day 1
20:00 PM

Blockchain Battle Stage
14:05 PM – ⁠19:00 PM
Competition between blockchain projects - ROUND ONE. 32 teams will be randomly divided into 16 pairs. Each team will compete to solve different tasks and present their solutions. Tasks can be in the form of cryptonomic, marketing, legal puzzles.

June 1st  [Day 2]
11:00 AM
Registration and Coffee

Main stage
12:00 PM
Welcome Address
12:05 PM
Keynote from TOP speaker 1
12:45 PM
Panel discussion «The Blockchain transformation: how it will change business and world»
12:30 PM
14:30 PM
Blockchain and Cybersecurity: How safe is it?
15:15 PM
Keynote from TOP speaker 2
16:00 PM
Coffee break
16:30 PM
Fireside chat 2 or Debate «Asset tokenization: is it the future?»
17:15 PM
Panel discussion 2 «Blockchain and innovative technologies (AI, IOT, BIG DATA, WEB 3.0)»
17:55 PM
Award Ceremony and Closing remarks
19:00 PM
Crypto Concert

Blockchain Battle Stage
14:05 PM – ⁠19:00 PM
Competition between blockchain projects - FINAL ROUND