July 5, 2017

Moscow, Russia

CryptoFriends Meetup: Fiat vs Crypto
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Fiat vs Crypto event, hosted by Crypto Friends, went on at Duran Bar on July 5th, 2017,  with 144 people attending. Among the crowd were traders, investors, enterpreneurs and developers.

The event went on in its best Cryptofriends’ traditions, — combining serious business discussions and warm, informal vibe.

«We have nothing to prove to one another, other than business», — says Daria Arefieva, the founder of Cryptofriends. «The 21st century is the time where formal boundaries break and people leave their stereotypes behind. How one should dress or present themselves is important, but it can hardly be unified, as in the previous century. Now is time of new forms and free creations, which cannot stand some of the archaic postulates and frames, which were artificially imposed in doing business previously.»



Crypto Friends Meetup: Fiat vs Crypto


Duran Bar Moscow
Bldg. 19-20 ul. Rochdelskaya 15, Moscow 123022, Russia
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