Cécile Baird

Decentrl. Agency & Blockchain For Good / Co‑Founder


Cecile Baird co‑founded Decentrl. Agency a boutique marketing agency for blockchain startups following 5 years of working in crypto for over 40 startups. Cecile is a people broker, who has helped startups raise over £100M in funding. She has helped place clients in over 200 news outlets such as The Guardian and Reuters, in top tech conferences around the world including TechCrunch Disrupt and Money2020. She has participated in the organisation of over 30 global conferences, meetups and roundtables spanning 2014 to now, including the first blockchain roundtable at the European Union, the first Pitch at the Buckingham Palace, and helped launch the first Crypto category at The Europas in 2014. In 2015, Cecile co‑founded Blockchain For Good, a think‑tank which brings together the greatest minds in blockchain to explore and debate the development of blockchain, for the greater good of humanity, society, economy and our environment. She is an author with publications featured in Coin Telegraph and Coindesk and a speaker on blockchain internationally since 2014, for organisation’s such as InnovateUK and San Francisco’s TokenFest, and an expert advisor for the UK Government’s All Party Parliamentary Group for Blockchain.