Sergey Solonin

Qiwi / Founder


Sergey Solonin was born on November 28, 1973 in Moscow. Currently, he is CEO at FinTech Association, CEO at QIWI Group, and co‑head of the Finnet working group (Agency for Strategic Initiatives).

Sergey Solonin carries out private investments in promising financial projects, acting as a co‑investor of the such companies as Ticketland, Instamart, Youdo, Gaijin, Arena Market, Aviasales, SEO Pult, BitFury, Ecwid, Lunch‑Buffet, Ramensky Confectionery.

Mr. Solonin also participates in the development of new educational initiatives and institutions in Russia, implementing systemic investment support for federal projects, in particular, co‑investing in the Creative Thinking School of ICRA, the British Higher School of Design (BVSHD), the Moscow School of Cinema and others.


2017 to present — CEO at FinTech Association

2012 to present — CEO at QIWI Group, shareholder.

2004 to present — shareholder, member of the Board of Directors at QIWI Group.

1998 — Chairman of the Board of Directors, Shareholder of the Investment and Banking Group «Russian Investment Club».

He is married and has 5 children.