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Blockchain meetups with a CryptoFriends twist. Startups, experts, investors and enthusiasts come together at unique venues with an intimate and chillaxed vibe, to stay on top of the latest trends in the crypto community. At our netups you’ll find keynotes from top notch speakers, ICO pitches, food, drink, laughs and plenty of new friends.

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Imagine a cross between a blockchain conference, a startup incubator, a hackathon and an exclusive music festival. What you’re picturing in your mind is probably about halfway to the reality of a CryptoFriends Hypethon. These original and groundbreaking events attract over 1000 guests from the international crypto community to personally meet blockchain industry leaders, take part in workshops and hear the latest trends.

Taking place over two days, with several stages packed with incredible content, CryptoFriends Hypethons have become one of the most highly anticipated events amongst anyone who’s in‑the‑know.

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Anton Kulichkin
ICO Angel
The atmosphere of madness. Participants — genious and crazy — worked side by side. Brand new ideas, technologies and instruments. Excellent opportunities for making investments for those who are bright‑minded or lucky players in the market. The event was worth visiting in order to feel and see, with your own eyes, the way the blockchain community lives.